Hi, I'm Ashlee.

I'm a former political strategist who's channeled my passion for animals and ecological preservation into a career as an 'eco-lifestyle expert.' What the heck is that, you may ask? Great question.

I'm a journalist, TV and media personality, author, and consultant whose aim is to find and communicate the latest and greatest in the realm of sustainable living. From cruelty-free beauty products to vegan cuisine to eco-friendly fashion and beyond - if it's legitimately green, I'm your girl.

My approach is warm and accessible. Being a judgey-judgerson never inspired anyone to make positive changes, and I pride myself in showing folks that being eco-friendly doesn't mean sacrificing style, fun, or polish.

If you're already familiar with my work, chances are, you were a follower of my site, The Little Foxes. Don't worry - all of the content therein still exists, and you can visit (and gaze longingly at it) under Blog.

Thanks for stopping by!